The Selkirk Rex breed itself has different variations based on the length of their coat. Here are the different coat types within the Selkirk Rex breed:

  1. Selkirk Rex Longhair: This variation has a long, soft, and curly coat. The curls can be loose or tight, and the fur is dense and plush. They have a distinct and striking appearance.
  2. Selkirk Rex Shorthair: The shorthair Selkirk Rex has a coat that is shorter in length compared to the longhair variety. The coat still retains the characteristic curls, but they are more apparent around the neck, body, and tail.

Both the longhair and shorthair Selkirk Rex cats share similar personality traits, including being affectionate, gentle, and playful. They are known for their curly coats, which give them a unique and charming appearance. Whether you prefer the luxurious fur of the longhair or the slightly shorter coat of the shorthair variety, Selkirk Rex cats are sure to capture your heart with their delightful personalities and distinctive looks.

  1. Smoke: Smoke Selkirk Rex cats have a solid color at the roots of their fur, which gradually fades to a lighter shade towards the tips. The contrast between the darker roots and lighter tips creates a smoky appearance.

These are just a few examples of the colors and patterns that can be found in Selkirk Rex cats. Each cat is unique, and their coat patterns and colors can vary widely. Whether you prefer a solid-colored Selkirk Rex or one with striking patterns, there is sure to be a stunning and distinctive cat that captures your heart.

Selkirk Rex cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, adding to their unique and captivating appearance. Here are some common colors and patterns found in Selkirk Rex cats:

  1. Solid Colors: Selkirk Rex cats can come in solid colors such as black, white, blue, cream, red, chocolate, lilac, and caramel. These cats have a uniform color throughout their entire coat.
  2. Tabby Patterns: Tabby patterns are quite popular in Selkirk Rex cats. They feature distinctive markings on their fur, including stripes, swirls, and spots. Common tabby patterns include classic tabby, mackerel tabby, and spotted tabby.
  3. Tortoiseshell: Tortoiseshell Selkirk Rex cats have a beautiful combination of black, red, and sometimes cream patches on their fur. The patches are often well-blended, creating a unique and vibrant pattern.
  4. Bicolor: Bicolor Selkirk Rex cats have two distinct colors on their coat, typically white combined with another color. The second color can appear in various patterns, such as a solid color on the face, ears, tail, and patches on the body.
  5. Pointed: Pointed Selkirk Rex cats, also known as colorpoint, have a lighter body color with darker points on their face, ears, paws, and tail. The pointed coloration is most commonly seen in breeds like the Siamese, but it can also occur in Selkirk Rex cats.

Selkirk Rex Longhair

The Selkirk Rex Longhair, also known as the Selkirk Rex with Longhair, is a variant of the Selkirk Rex breed. While the standard Selkirk Rex has a curly or wavy short coat, the Longhair variety has a luxurious and dense long coat. This variation adds an extra layer of charm and elegance to the already unique Selkirk Rex breed.

The Selkirk Rex Longhair inherits the same distinctive curly or wavy fur from the standard Selkirk Rex. Their coat is soft, plush, and often described as having a woolly or sheep-like texture. The curls or waves can be loose or tighter, varying between individuals.

In terms of appearance, the Selkirk Rex Longhair has a round and robust body with a well-developed bone structure. They have a broad head with round cheeks, a short nose, and medium to large-sized ears. Their eyes are large, round, and expressive, adding to their adorable and endearing look.

Like other Selkirk Rex cats, the Longhair variety has a gentle and affectionate personality. They are known for being sociable, friendly, and good with other pets and children. They enjoy human companionship and often seek out attention and affection from their owners.

The long, curly coat of the Selkirk Rex Longhair requires regular grooming to prevent matting and keep it looking its best. Brushing their coat a few times a week will help remove loose hair and keep their fur tangle-free. Bathing may also be necessary occasionally to maintain cleanliness and coat health.

The Selkirk Rex Longhair is recognized and admired for its unique combination of curly or wavy long hair and charming personality. If you are looking for a cat with a distinctive appearance and a loving temperament, the Selkirk Rex Longhair might be the perfect choice for you.

Selkirk Rex Shorthair

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair is a variant of the Selkirk Rex breed that features a short and curly or wavy coat. While the standard Selkirk Rex has a longhaired coat, the Shorthair variety has a shorter coat length, but still retains the signature curly or wavy texture.

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair has a unique and eye-catching appearance. Their coat is dense and plush, with curls or waves that can vary in tightness and size. The curls give them a soft and cuddly appearance, making them irresistible to touch. The coat is often described as having a velvety or plush feel.

In terms of their body structure, the Selkirk Rex Shorthair has a sturdy and well-rounded body. They have a round head with prominent cheeks, a broad nose, and medium to large-sized ears. Their eyes are usually large and expressive, further enhancing their adorable and captivating look.

Just like other Selkirk Rex cats, the Shorthair variety has a gentle and affectionate personality. They are known for being loving, easygoing, and sociable. They enjoy being around people and are generally good with children and other pets. They often seek out attention and are happy to curl up in a lap or snuggle beside their owners.

The maintenance of the Selkirk Rex Shorthair’s coat is relatively easy compared to the longhaired variety. Regular brushing to remove loose hairs and prevent matting is recommended, but they typically require less grooming than their longhaired counterparts.

The Selkirk Rex Shorthair is a delightful breed that combines a unique appearance with a loving temperament. If you are looking for a cat that stands out with its curly or wavy coat and brings joy and affection into your life, the Selkirk Rex Shorthair might be an excellent choice for you.

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